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Practice Areas of a Lawyer in Abu Dhabi

Intellectual Property (IP): Issues like exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets including copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs and trade secrets are rapidly becoming important in Abu Dhabi. There are Law firms that specialize in this area to protect their client.s interest by negotiating, drafting, handling portfolio, enforcing IP rights and fighting litigations cases.

Dispute Resolution (Arbitration) and Litigation: Law firms in Abu Dhabi suggest the option of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in cases where the matter might become controversial. ADR is a more effective way of resolving disputes outside the court through various dispute resolution strategies and counseling. If the multinational company, government/non-government organization is facing litigation issues then the law firms defend their client.s case efficiently and successfully.

Banking and Finance (Islamic Finance): Law firms in Abu Dhabi advise several, prominent international banks, credit unions and loan agencies on their financial operations and activities in the UAE and GCC. The advisory board of these law firms counsel institutions of topics such as structuring, negotiating and documenting both conventional and Islamic finance transactions.

Real Estate: Real Estate practice covers all areas of real estate and property transactions including participant.s like contractors, developers, architects, design professionals and governments appointees. Law firms are involved in legal aspects of real estate that may involve setting up and regulating businesses, land acquisition and development, hospitality development, litigation and tenancy issues.

Capital Markets: Abu Dhabi law firms share their craft with investments banks and corporate institutions on expertise areas like cross-border capability, equity, high-yield debt, initial public offerings, secondary offerings, restructuring and private placements. The firms put their best foot forward by suggesting cost-effective solutions sourced from the latest developments in the field.

Insurance (Islamic Insurance): Insurance is a desired subject of discussion by both law firms and multinational companies since the potential risks are very high in the competitive market. Law experts and advisors provide their input into interpreting and operating insurance contracts. This law involves various sectors like vehicle, accidents, fire, life, marine, labor insurances and related compensations. In addition, there are firms specializing in Islamic insurance (takaful) used in Islamic banking concepts.>[?

Criminal Law: Law firms specializing in penal law are apt in protecting their clients by pleading before criminal courts and rule out any criminal liability of their client. Since Abu Dhabi is known to enforce criminal laws very strictly, this field has become very specialized and sensitive.

Family Law: Family and Inheritance Law in UAE are complicated as the matter falls under the Islamic/Sharia Court of Law. There are many firms in Abu Dhabi, expert in handling disputes of divorce, separation, support, child custody, domestic violence and inheritance for UAE citizens as well as expatriates.

Energy: The thriving energy sector in Abu Dhabi has resulted in increasing number of legal issues. Law firms concentrate on legal aspect of the energy industry, which involves updating and advising the clients on the legal topics involved in the energy sector. This requires a deep study of climate change, mining, oil & gas, petrochemical, alternative energy and water.

Maritime Law: Maritime Law involves research in various aspects covering the shipping and maritime industry. The law firm is responsible for recovering dues from negligent parties, negotiation of claims, marine insurance; advise on property and cargo damage, shipping casualties & injuries, vessels insurance and litigation matters. Collectively, it deals with issues associated with marine commerce and navigation, shipping, sailors and transportation of goods/passengers by sea.

Immigration Law: Law firms dealing in Immigration Law handle particular services including long-term, short-term, residence & entry visas, regularization of visas, naturalization, work permits, deportations, and asylum law. The legal firms are approached by clients who desire to travel to UAE or Abu Dhabi or are facing any immigration related issues during their stay.