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Introduction to the UAE Legal System

The Roman and French legal systems and Egyptian codes of law heavily inspire the civil law system in UAE. Although Sharia has contributed to the development of law, legislation is treated as the primary source of law. Certain commonly practiced principles of law such as using a precedent, as basis for decisions in similar cases is not recognized in the UAEs legal system. Only local firms in UAE have the right to appear before a court as a counsel. The booming foreign investment in Abu Dhabi has seen a rise in settlement of disputes outside of court (arbitration).

UAE has its own federal court structure, which the emirates of Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah do not abide by, as these two emirates have constituted their own court systems. The court structure in UAE has categorized itself into three main branches: civil, criminal and Sharia/Islamic courts. Following similar norms and rules, Dubai court structure renames it as The Court of First Instance (Civil Court), The Criminal Court and The Sharia Court... READ MORE »

Basics of Islamic Family Law in UAE

Islamic Marriage

In Islam, the marriage is a legal contract and social union between man and woman. The marriage contract is termed valid when the offer and acceptance by the two eligible (and willing) parties has been made on the same occasion in the attendance of minimum two witnesses.

Divorce even though possible is a little tricky since the judge needs to be fully convinced that no efforts could save the marriage. Sharia Courts in in UAE accepts divorce case files from Muslim men and Non-Muslim women married to Muslim men. READ MORE »

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find a lawyer?
Ans: It is helpful to take advice from friends and relatives about recommended lawyers. People with similar problems who have been guided well by their lawyers can also offer excellent help. You can also search Directory listings for lawyer names and contacts.

2. What is Sharia or Islamic Law?
Ans: Sharia or Islamic Law is a religious law derived from the teachings in Quran and examples set by Islamic Prophet Muhammad in the Sunnah.

3. Why is mediation or arbitration preferred instead of fighting out in court?
Ans: Mediation or arbitration is preferred when the lawsuit is of sensitive or of controversial nature. It focuses on agreeing upon a mutually acceptable solution, which is less time consuming and effectively deals with the sensitivity of the relationship. READ MORE »

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